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Integrated Approach

Bringing Your Campaign to Life

DMR/Interactive designs campaigns that identify and engage those who matter most to your brand utilizing multiple touch points. To implement this strategic approach to marketing and data analytics, we have a team of full-time experts who bring your campaign to life. Time after time, clients continue to tell us it is this approach along with our results that sets us apart. 
Extension of Your Team
• Understanding your goals and your audience so the creative and messaging instantly connects with the target
• Available to help you address listener questions and feedback
• Weekly updates that preview what’s coming up next 
• Sharing ideas and suggestions to optimize your campaign

Digital and Social Ad Buying Expertise
• Set it and forget it? Not in this fast moving and evolving space. It’s easy to generate impressions. We ensure you efficiently reach the right target
• In last 6 years, DMR/Interactive has managed and implemented $2.5 million in digital ads including 550,000 clicks and 1.3 billion impressions
• We reduce the guesswork and flatten the learning curve. From the moment your campaign goes live, we are leveraging our digital marketing expertise to optimize performance and generate results
• Facebook, Google and the other digital platforms are constantly adding and changing their offerings along with their rules and procedures. Combined with the live auction format of these platforms, we are constantly monitoring, evaluating and adjusting your campaigns

Proven Systems

• We have delivered successful marketing campaigns for 25 years and understand what it takes to generate results 
• Quality assurance checklist for each component
• Every team member has part of their compensation connected to the successful implementation of your campaign
• Daily internal meetings to ensure each element of your campaign is aligned and optimized, actively looking for opportunities to update and enhance your campaign while it is live in the field

Comprehensive Campaign Management

• Prompt email or phone response to your questions and feedback
• Training session and overview for you and your team before the campaign goes live
• Weekly Campaign Tracking Reports and end of campaign summary

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